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Mechanical engineering consultancy - Case studies

The world is experiencing a large-scale energy crisis. We are reliant on fossil fuels such as coal, gas and fuel to generate the energy required to provide heat for our properties, to produce the power in our houses and fuel our vehicles.

The problematic situation is that these fossil fuels are types of non renewable energy. These forms of energy are made up of natural resources that can’t be replaced as quickly as they are consumed. This has brought about the huge energy crisis.

We have been making use of fossil fuels for such a long time now without giving another thought to the fact that these fuels are a source of energy we can’t rely on. We have been so lax in our use of fossil fuels that we have already cut down on more than half of this energy source.

Scientists have calculated based on our rate of energy usage and demands for fuel, that there is still only enough fossil fuels for another three decades.

Conserving what remains

To avoid these issues we must start trying to save what remains of these kinds of energy and take advantage of what the universe has to offer. We have renewable energy sources all around us: for example, the water, sun, wind and even biomass which are gained from biologically generated material from living organisms. Biomass can be harvested from crops or even our rubbish tips!

To begin we need to save the energy sources we do make use of. We have all heard of saving the energy in our properties by turning off the tap while cleaning our teeth instead of letting the water run, filling the tub with the smallest amount of water possible, using shower heads where you can limit the flow of water while shampooing your hair, and inevitably, turn electrical appliances off when they’re not being used and switch lights off in rooms that you are not using. Many appliances are now being made just to help you conserve energy without having to raise a finger.

Research into using remaining resources

The government is conscious of the sustainable energy problems we are encountering. Research is being made into how best to use the Earth’s resources while keeping it cost effective. Of course, when the non-renewable energy sources are reduced we will have no option but to find another energy solution. For now, certain wind farms and solar power plants are set up. In order to evade a non-renewable energy crisis, however, these means of gleaning renewable energy sources need to be broader.

Our knowledge and expertise over a range of engineering industries enables us to offer innovative and cost-effective design solutions for using sustainable energy technologies.

Sustainable engineering solutions

We provide an understandable range of very skilled engineering design services for the sustainable energy sector, from concept feasibility and basic site surveys, through to intricate design, finite element analysis, creation of complete manufacturing drawings and final commissioning on the actual sites.

Our many disciplinary approaches allow us to consider all facets of sustainable energy projects including tailor-made machinery design, structural creations, hydraulics and electronic control systems.

We work with

Our team of engineers offer creative and realistic engineering solutions for the requirements of the growing sustainable energy sector. We have carried out a design study for a creative brushless magnetic drive system for a wind turbine. We have also finished concept and feasibility stages for both wave and tidal generators.

With our multi-discipline teamwork approach, we are well situated to help with the infrastructure of sustainable energy schemes. We lately worked on a wind farm project off the Norfolk coast where we were responsible for the creation of the route and profile for a drill in the setting up of a cable duct under a train line and environmentally problematic beach.